Learning to Play Golf at 60-Easy And Safe Way !

Learning to play golf at 60 or older isn’t that uncommon. While some people might say that you’re too old, you’ll be happy to know that golf is an easy sport to pick up at any age. Unlike other sports that are very physically demanding, golf is more about strategy and knowing how to move certain muscles in a way that produces power.

Here we’ll go over how to learn the sport of golf and what special accommodations you should make for your age. There are only a few accommodations and they are more about preventing injury and ensuring that you have the most fun possible.


-Fitted for Clubs
-Learn the Grip and Position
-The Perfect Swing
-Get a Trainer

Fitted for Clubs

First thing’s first, you need to get clubs. While you can rent clubs or borrow them from other players, it’s always best to have your own. When going to any reputable supplier there will be professionals there who can fit you for clubs. Definitely use this service. Not only is it inexpensive (around $50-$80 and usually that’s taken off if you buy clubs), but the representatives there can fit you for clubs that match your height and strength level.

Instead of getting clubs that are too long or short or clubs that may be too heavy, this will ensure that you get the perfect set.

Learn the Grip and Position

Gripping the club seems difficult at first because it’s awkward, but your hands will quickly adjust. The key is that you are holding with your fingers and not your palm. You must also place your fingers in the right area. There are three grips: one like a baseball bat where all ten fingers are lined up, one where the pinky and index fingers are interlocked and another where the pinky and index fingers are overlapping.

This is a matter of preference, but most new players find the baseball grip the easiest, plus it gives you a good amount of control.

When getting ready to play, your knees should be slightly bent, and you should bend at the hips until the club is about 10-12 inches from your belt buckle. Never round your back, that leads to lowered power and also increases the odds of injury.

The Perfect Swing

It’s all about getting the coil correct. Even if your flexibility is suffering you should be able to coil up for the upswing. There is a little action in the back as you turn towards the opposite side, but most of the work is from the arms. Just bring the club up until your arm is completely perpendicular to the ground.

The downswing is even easier. Most people think that it’s about using all of your power and swinging as hard as possible, but you have to remember that golf is about form and strategy. Going hard will only hurt your back and arms while destroying your shot.

What you really have to do is let gravity and physics play their role as you let the club come down. It will naturally gain power from the arc, it’s more about ensuring that the club will hit the ball. If you do this, then you’ll see your ball fly far into the green.

Get a Trainer

Taking lessons is almost essential for anyone learning to play golf at 60. If you just want to play against friends and don’t care about how well you do, then all you have to do is learn the form and start swinging at the ball. A trainer will help you learn form, improve any mistakes you are making and they will tell you how to run the courses.

Most golf clubs have trainers readily available. Consider taking a lesson. If possible, find one that is suitable for seniors as they will help you avoid injury.


As stated above, you don’t need to make too many accommodations playing at 60 or older. The main thing is stretching beforehand, especially in the calves, knees, hips and back. Arm stretching would be good as well.

Start with smaller courses until you gain more experience. Also, if you’re worried about moving too slow because you’re starting out, consider calling the club and seeing when their slow times are. This will ensure that you don’t feel rushed.


Learning to play golf at 60 or older isn’t tough, it’s actually almost the same as learning at any other age. The only difference is that you have to be careful of injury. The sport of golf, when played properly, is actually very easy on your body. Just be sure to get one or two lessons to truly learn the basics, get fitted for clubs that work with your unique body and you’ll be ready to go.

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