Golf Checklist

Golf Checklist

Do you have a golf trip scheduled in the near future? Golf requires a number of accessories and a lot of equipment, so making sure that everything is there and packed can be difficult. Don’t you wish there was a checklist available to help you out? Here we have an easy A to Z checklist that will help both the expert and the novice prepare for their trip. Whether you’re prepared for a long tournament or just a few holes, you’ll have everything that you need.

This checklist will help you make the most of your trip. This golf checklist a comprehensive list and not everything is needed, so just use it as a reference guide and feel free to cross off what you don’t need.

01. Apparel

Never go golfing in sweatshirt and sweatpants, this will get you laughed off the golf course (you may not even be allowed to play). A good polo and khaki pants are the minimum, but feel free to get fancy and have some great clothes to really show yourself off. Every battle is won before the first punch (or swing, in this case) happens, so dress for success.

02. Bag and Balls

It’s best to have custom balls (or at least colorful ones) that stand out so that you can easily find them and so that you can easily distinguish them from other balls.
You also need a golf bag to carry all your clubs and small accessories. Every golf bag is made to hold all your clubs (usually over a dozen), but there are different sizes based on the other accessories you’ll be bringing. This is essential as you don’t want to carry your clubs by hand.

03. Cart

Either arrange for a driving cart to be there for you or have a push cart so that you can easily transfer your clubs through the course. This is a matter of preference based on your health, how much you feel like walking and how much money you want to spend while golfing.

04. Driver

The driver club is essential. You’ll use it for your first stroke and it will send the ball as far as possible. While you can use a heavier iron club for this, it’s not advisable. Your driver will be your first step to success.

05. Electronics

There are a ton of neat electronics that you can bring. There are GPSs, golf watches that connect to your smartphone, speakers and headphones for music and a swing analyzer. While most of them are optional (aside from the GPS, that can be incredibly useful) they are fun and improve your game.

06. Fairway Woods

Once you’re on the fairway, you’ll need some wood clubs to get your ball further to the hole. Woods are often the best for this, but feel free to use iron clubs if you prefer. For your information, wood clubs are often made of iron, but the size and shape are based on wooden clubs from past.


Golf gloves are designed to give you optimal grip while giving your hands some protection as you hit the ball. While you can technically golf without gloves, it’s not recommended.

08. Hat

Whether to block the sun or just to help you better see the field, having a hat is always a good idea and it can potentially improve your game.

09. Irons

Irons make up the majority of your clubs and they can help you from almost any range. While it’s always a matter of preference, the most common irons to have in your bag are: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons. Feel free to use others if they better match your needs.

10. Jacket

Is it cold or windy? Even a slight chill can make it difficult to properly use your club, which can lead to a bad score. Be sure to have a jacket with you just in case you need it.

11. Koozie

This is an optional item on your golf checklist because it won’t help your performance, but it can make the trip more enjoyable. This is a cover for your cans (ie: soda or beer) that keeps the can cooler for longer without making your hand cold.

12. Laces

Spare laces might seem weird to bring, but they can be useful if your laces break or you have problems with your shoes. Wearing loose shoes without laces is both uncomfortable and a hazard, so just play it safe and bring an extra pair.

13. Markers

This isn’t about art markers, but rather small metal discs that you can use as a marker for your ball. If you need to pick the ball up to check it, clean it off or do anything else, then you can place a marker on the ground in place of your ball. This ensures you can place it back in the right place.

14. Names

Have a list of names ready so that you know who to contact and talk to. Where are you going, who is the contact there? Who is everyone in your party (especially if you are in a larger group). While this might seem peculiar, having names can ensure that all the accommodations that you called about and paid for are ready, plus it makes organizing the golf trip much easier.

15. Obstacle Clubs

While there are technically no “obstacle clubs,” these are clubs that are best for obstacles you face. This would include a sand wedge and low-loft clubs.

You’re on the green and you need a club that is gentle and accurate. There’s nothing better than your trusty putter.

16. Quarters

You never know when a quarter can come in handy. Not sure who should go first? Flip for it. Lost your marker? Use a quarter. Need to settle a small, friendly debate? Flip a quarter.

17. Rangefinder and Rain Gear

Great, it’s raining. Thankfully you’re prepared with a raincoat and other rain gear to keep you protected from the elements.

Another very important item is a rangefinder. This item will help you determine exactly how many yards are between you and the hole. Make sure to have one with you, this is an essential item.

18. Shoes

Golf shoes are technically optionally, but they help you get through the grass and terrain, so be sure to pick up a pair.

19. Tees

This is the cheapest golf equipment there is as it’s just a small piece of plastic. While you can probably borrow one from a friend, it’s best to just have your own.

20. Umbrella

Just like with rain gear, you want an umbrella to keep you protected from the rain.

21. Visor

A visor functions almost the same as a hat and it’s often a matter of preference. They tend to go out a little further, providing more sun protection, but don’t cover the top of your head.


You’ll need a wedge for sand traps, inclines and several other shots. Don’t forget to pack your sand wedge and pitching wedge.

23. EXtra Everything

This might be a bit of a cheat, but there’s no golf equipment that starts with “X.” However, it’s important to have extra everything, meaning an extra pair of socks, extra clothes and extra of anything else that you can think of. Luck often smiles on the prepared, especially in golf.

24. Yardage Booklet

This is a booklet that gives you information about the course in terms of yardage, obstacles and other important information. You can sometimes get one before the game, but often the club gives them out. Make a note on your golf checklist to pick one up.

25. Zen

Also known as the proper mindset. Having golf Zen is going to be the thing that really helps you get through the game with the best score. Just stay calm, be one with the ball and you’ll do your best.

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