Top 5 Best Golf Rangefinders with Slope

Without the help of technology, golf is largely a guessing game where you are trying to figure out how many yards are between you and the hole. Distance determines how you hit the ball, which club you use and how you play the whole course. Many golfers find themselves using a rangefinder to help determine how far away the hole is, but you can do better.

This will go over the five best golf rangefinders with slope. The slope feature take elevation into account to give you a more accurate reading. You’ll find that this helps you play better than ever because you’ll know exactly how far the hole is without any guessing or estimating.This will help you to hit the ball accurately.

01.NX7 Professional Golf Rangefinder, Laser Rangefinder with Slope and Pulse Vibration

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This is a great rangefinder to have in your arsenal as it gives you everything that you need, plus the slope feature can be toggled to make it tournament legal. Most official tournaments do not allow slope measurements but turning it off allows you to use this item even in the most official matches.

You’ll find that the NX7 has a 400-yard range along with target acquisition and vibration features that come in handy. Target acquisition means that the rangefinder scans the area for targets, such as the flag, and helps you find them. The vibration feature gives a little pulse when you find the target, ensuring that you are right where you want to be.

The scope has a 6x magnifier and the slope feature can be turned on or off with a switch. The slope distance can be viewed from the top of the rangefinder, making it easy to distinguish from the standard distance.

Pros-Has good distance and optimal target acquisition.-Everything looks very clear through the magnifier and the body is quite durable.

Cons-Some users found the yardage numbers on the viewer to be a little blurry, but this is a minority of users.

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02.TecTecTec Golf Slope Rangefinder VPRO500SThe

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TecTecTec rangefinder model comes with a bunch of features that every golf pro would love. First off, it has a 6x magnifier to help you see all the way to the other side of the course, plus it helps find targets by scanning the field and looking for the flag, hazards and other points that you’ll be interested in.

The maximum distance is 540 yards and this model is tournament legal because you can turn off the slope feature. The slope finder here
doesn’t just tell you the adjusted distance, it also gives you a reading of the difference so that you can easily see how much harder or softer you need to hit the ball.

This is a professional tool that will help you scope out the course and find out exactly how far away the hole or hazards are from your location.

Pros-Good distance and can help you quickly find targets or points of interest on the course.-Tells you the slope difference and so that you don’t have to do any math in your head.

Cons-Sometimes has a hard time locking on the flag, but can usually hit it within a few seconds.

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03.Bushnell TourV4 Laser Golf Rangefinder with Slope Switch

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This is a premium product and one of the best golf rangefinders with slope. The range is outstanding. It has an operating range of 5-1,000 yards and 400+ to the hole, ensuring that you can easily find your target no matter how far away it is.

The slope feature can quickly calculate the correct distance depending on whether the hole is uphill or downhill, and the JOLT pulse tool gives the rangefinder a little shake once you discover your target. Slope can be easily disengaged as needed for tournament play.

You’ll find the item is easy to hold due to the Stabi-Grip Technology, and the 5x magnifier makes it easy to peer out and find

your targets. The fast focus tool makes it simple to adjust focus so that your target is clear regardless of how far away it is.

Pros-Has amazing distance of 1,000 yards.-The body has been made for easy holding, ensuring that it doesn’t slip out of your hands.

Cons-The magnifier is a little less than standard at only 5x. All of the other rangefinders on this list are 6x.

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04.Wosports Rangefinder with Trajectory, Slope and Distance

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This golf rangefinder has a nominal range of 5 to 650 yards with 180 yards to flag lock. There are several modes that you can switch between that change the functionality of the model. The first mode is for continuous targeting, second is a vibrating pin finder than helps you find the flag, third is slope and four is for speed.

This rangefinder comes with a rechargeable battery and a 6x magnifier to help find your target. This is the most economical choice on this list, making it best if you’re looking for an affordable option.

Pros-This is the cheapest model on this list and gives you good distance and features.-The rechargeable battery ensures that you never have to buy batteries. Just plug it in and charge it.

Cons-Somewhat less distance than other rangefinders, and the fourth mode will be rarely used.

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05.Saybien Golf Rangefinder, Tournament Legal Laser

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FinderThis is another one of the best golf rangefinders with slope as it has a maximum operating distance of 1,200 yards with 200 yards to golf pin. Comes with a continuous scanning mode and slope features that can be toggled on and off with a switch.

There are also several modes to help you choose how the rangefinder looks. The first mode is straight distance, second is slope distance, third is a quick scanning mode that looks for hazards and targets and fourth is a flag lock that buzzes when you find the target.

This has a 6x magnifier to help you locate targets and there is a mounting thread on the bottom so that you can attach this to a tripod for stable viewing.

Pros-Amazing distance of 1,200 yards.-Has a mounting thread for tripods.

Cons-The body is smooth and doesn’t have much grip. Make sure that your hands are dry before handling this unit.

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