The Top 7 Best Golf Push Carts

Push golf carts remove the literal load you bear when lugging your golf clubs around on your back. They let you do this without having to hire a caddy. They may free up your hands and make playing golf far simpler by putting everything you need in one convenient place, though that is not a given since there are so many golf push carts on the market today. And there are quite a few golf push carts on the market right now.

We’re going to provide a buying guide to the best push golf carts so that you can identify which golf cart is best for you. Then we’ll introduce the top 7 best golf push carts. We’ll list the pros and cons of each so you can determine which one is best for you.

Our Buying Guide for Finding the Best Push Golf Cart

The weight of a push golf cart matters, but it doesn’t matter as much as many people think. First of all, it is going to be loaded with gear when you’re using it. Secondly, you’ll be pushing it, not carrying it. This means that how easy it is to push the cart and how much it can carry for you matters far more than what the cart itself weighs.

A cart that can make it easy to push or pull along 50 pounds of gear but weighs 15 pounds itself is better than a 25 pound cart that makes it an ordeal to push 50 pounds of golf clubs. First and foremost on your list of selection criteria is how easy it is to pull the golf cart behind you.

The best push golf cart is not just compact. You want the golf club cart to it in the car along with the golf clubs, not need to be wedged in like a bulky two-seat infant stroller. If the push golf cart and clubs can fit in the back of an electric golf cart, you have it made. Push golf carts lose points if you have to take things apart to properly stow them away.

Price should be a factor, though quality matters as well. After all, the model that costs twice as much but falls apart just as soon as the cheaper one isn’t really better. There is a price point below which the quality is questionable, but we’re not going to recommend any of those to you today.

Conversely, expensive models and especially brand name models are rarely worth it. You don’t have to pay a fortune to get a push golf cart. Note that those who want a lot of amenities may want to pay a little more for a push golf cart that comes with various attachments out of the box instead of buying a cheap model and paying more overall for all the add-ons.

Push golf carts make playing golf more convenient. You don’t get as tired by pulling your golf clubs along instead of carrying them, and then they’re more readily accessible. Little extras like water bottle holders can go a long way to making the game as smooth as possible.

Pockets for scorecards or range finders make life much simpler. Good wheel brakes, though, are a necessity. It doesn’t matter if the cart is easy to pull if it then rolls down the green, taking your gear with it. A narrow turn radius only matters when you’re playing in large groups or have limited mobility yourself.

01.Clicgear Brand Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

This golf push cart is simple to use. Simply slide it to close it up for easy storage. The scratch-resistant aluminum is both lightweight and durable. The entire cart weighs less than twenty pounds.

The Clicgear golf cart comes with a number of holders and mounts. For example, it has a console with a built-in scorecard holder, golf ball holder, tee holders and storage net for holding anything else you may need. There is a built-in cup holder and umbrella mount. That’s incredibly convenient.

The accessory tabs on this unit let you clip on any other specialized Clicgear accessory you need. This can include extra-large cup holders and cooler bags. Nothing else on our list is as versatile.

The tripod design makes it ultra-stable. The parking brake ensures that the cart stays where you put it. This is one of the better choices for those who play on hilly courses or often end up camped out in the sand trap trying to get their ball out.

The airless tires will never go flat. This unit is essentially maintenance free. As an added bonus, it comes in a variety of colors. There are eight regularly available colors, all of them stylish.

One complaint about this model is that the elastic strap bags are difficult to connect and adjust. Another issue is that the strap bags by both the manufacturer Clicgear and other companies tend to rub on the front wheel. The issue is worse with third party accessories.

Another issue is how hard it is to get the unit set up in the first place. However, once you have everything put together, it is amazing. That’s why it is the first push golf cart on our list.


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Nearly maintenance-free


  • Carry bags aren’t as convenient as promised
  • Initial assembly and set-up is a challenge

02.Bag Boy Model Quad XL Golf Cart

The Bag Boy push golf cart is designed for larger and taller players who find smaller models a hassle. The manufacturer says it can be adjusted to suit anyone of any size, but in reality, it isn’t the best choice for shorter players. Yet the frame folds up compactly in just two steps; see the Qwik-Fold model if one step is all you want to deal with. Once assembled, out and about, it is relatively easy to maneuver.

This push golf cart comes with a built-in mobile device holder, whether you want it to hold your camera, smart phone or GPS. A number of accessories like umbrella holders are offered by Bag Boy at extra cost. The scorecard holder already includes a golf ball holder.

One unusual feature with this golf push cart is the rugged upper bag bracket; it prevents the golf club bag from twisting. Accessory adapters are plugged into the golf club bracket, so they’ll stay securely in place, too. Another benefit of this model is that it can support either stand bags or cart bags. Most push golf carts cannot.

This push golf cart is more user-friendly than the Clicgear, especially at set-up. At 16 pounds, it is a little lighter than average. This matters more if you have limited upper body strength or arthritis.

The biggest downside of this model is that it has poor weight balance. Load it up with everything, and it will want to tip over backwards. This precludes you from putting on too many more accessories than what it comes with. The cart itself isn’t as rugged as others on this list, so don’t overload it in general.


•Smart device holder comes with it
•User friendliness
•Can handle both stand and cart bags


•Weight balance when loaded isn’t perfect, potentially creating problems

03.Tangkula Brand Push Golf Cart

This is the only Tangkula push golf cart on our list. This Tangkula push golf cart is a basic model, but it has a number of features that made it worth included. For example, this is probably the cheapest golf push cart on our list. Yet it comes with an umbrella holder, something other golf carts make you buy as a separate accessory.

There is a scoreboard, as well. A bonus is the adjustable stool built into the unit, making it ideal for those with limited mobility or endurance. This is the best golf push cart on our list if you need a seat to rest on in order to make it through a round of golf.

Interestingly, it has two different foot operated brakes; you can engage either one to make the golf cart stay in place. Snap both brakes down, and it will stay in place even on a steep incline, as long as the weight is otherwise balanced. The three wheels have decent balance when properly loaded.

This push golf cart has a shorter turn radius than others on this list, though it isn’t as good as the 360Caddymatic model. A definite plus for the Tangkula brand push golf cart is that the handle is equally easy to use if you’re right handed or left handed. Most push golf carts are really designed for one side or the other, while others say they’re ambidextrous but are really right-handed models.

One factor to consider is how the manufacturer suggests taking the wheels off to make it easier to store. This may be more work than others want to need to do. The unit, though, doesn’t weigh much more than the lightest models on this list.


•Built-in stool


•Disassembly may be required to store it where other units fit as is

04.Caddymatic Brand Quad Golf Cart

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B074QMJ2TZ” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aquapponics-20″ width=”500″][easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B074QMJ2TZ” key=”tall-orange” locale=”US” tag=”aquapponics-20″]

CaddyMatic has several three-wheeled golf carts, but it stands out for its variety of designs. For example, this golf push cart has four wheels, making it more stable than the other three-wheeled models on this list. And it provides this extra stability while having an average price tag. It can navigate uneven terrain and climb hills without trouble. Yet it folds up to a rather compact package.

The Caddymatic push golf cart has a number of features you have to pay extra for elsewhere like a drink holder and umbrella holder. It has the standard offerings like a tee holder, scorecard holder and ball holder, as well.
There are concerns about durability of the various components on the push golf cart. Items like elastic straps sometimes come apart on brand new golf carts by Caddymatic. Caddymatic has weak customer service when told of these problems if you’ve used the golf cart at all.

Note that this Caddymatic push golf cart model does not have a seat built into it, though a different model by this manufacturer does. That’s not a point for or against this particular model.

A universal complaint about Caddymatic push golf carts is that the assembly instructions are inadequate. That makes them hard to assemble. This unit requires more assembly than the other Caddymatic model on our list, so the instructions truly matter here.


•Stability loaded and unloaded
•The number of features it comes with out of the box


•The difficulty of assembling it out of the box

05.Clicgear Model 3.5+ Push Golf Cart

This is the second Clicgear model push golf cart on our list. This unit is made from the same scratch resistant aluminum. It folds up compactly. It has a decent storage net and a number of built-in features. For example, in addition to the built-in scorecard holder, there are holders for pencils, tees and balls. There is an umbrella mount, cup holder and tabs to attach other accessories, though the unit can only hold Clicgear accessories. Clicgear golf push carts come with a strap to make them easier to carry around when folded up.

This model has average stability and a moderate turning radius. The wheels on this push golf cart don’t turn as well as others, so you may need to push it in a large circle to turn around.

The elastic bags on this unit share the same problem as the other Clicgear push golf cart – they are hard to attach and subject to interfering with the wheels. Instructions on how to assemble the push golf cart and its accessories are weak. Customer service from Clicgear if you have problems is poor. A periodic complaint is that the unit shipped without one of the promised accessories.

•Lots of built-in accessories
•Durable frame

•Weak instructions on both the cart and accessories
•Poor customer service

06.Qwik-Fold Model Push Golf Cart

This is one of the cheapest push golf carts on this list. One of the major benefits of this model is the fact that you can adjust the height. This is the only golf push cart on our list that truly has that feature. The others tend to fit people who are tall or short or average but not anyone and everyone.

The unit snaps together and is ready to use almost immediately. You get the same functionality as the second generation “gold” model by Qwik-Fold but for a fraction of the price. This is perhaps the best golf push cart for the value shopper.

The frame is lightweight, and the cart is very maneuverable. However, it doesn’t have the smallest turn radius, since the front wheels don’t swivel. It is about as stable as other three wheeled push golf carts on our list.

The push golf cart’s low price creates issues with quality, such as reports that the handle has too much give. That’s somewhat improved in the second generation of the cart. It isn’t as rugged as other push golf carts on our list, but that doesn’t matter unless you’re taking it on rough terrain or letting it get beat up bouncing around in the trunk of your car.

It collapses down into a compact package for easy storage if, and this is a big if, there is no golf bag on it. If the golf bag is sitting in it, you have to take the golf bag out of the cart to fold it down. This is a minor hassle.


•Literally fits anyone
•Good overall value


•Can’t fold down with golf bag in it

07.Caddymatic 360Swivel Ease 3 Wheel Golf Cart

This is the second Caddymatic brand push golf cart on our list. It is also the most maneuverable push golf cart on our list. The front wheel can turn 360 giving it the smallest turn radius of all of our reviewed push golf carts. This is the best golf push cart for those who want the most maneuverability.

This Caddymatic golf cart comes with a drink holder, ball holder, and scorecard holder. The storage area can hold an average-sized phone but not the larger iPhone 8 Plus.

The handle is larger than average, perfect for a large-handed user or pulling double handed. The downside is that this can be awkward for golfers with small hands.

The unit is easy to assemble. This makes the mediocre instructions almost unnecessary. This unit folds up somewhat compactly. You can remove the wheels to fit it in even tighter storage spaces. However, you don’t have to remove the wheels to store it.

The unit has a rugged aluminum frame. You can’t adjust the frame to suit your body size. However, that is true of most of the golf carts on this list. Combine that with the large golf cart handle, and you’ll realize this golf cart is designed for larger players.


•Decent price


•Not suitable for smaller players


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