The Top 6 Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

Seniors don’t have the same strength, stamina or flexibility as people as their prime. This is why there are golf clubs designed specifically for seniors. However, there are a number of models on the market that don’t perform as well as you’d expect given their price tag. Here are the top 6 best golf clubs for seniors. We’re going to include both left and right handed golf clubs and golf club packages that fit anyone’s budget.

01.Precise Brand M3 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs  Package

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Perhaps the biggest benefit of this set of golf clubs is that it truly includes everything you need. The Precise brand M3 golf clubs package includes a driver, fairway club, hybrid club, a putter, and 6 through 9 irons.

You get three head covers as part of the package. You receive a stand bag with build-in legs so that you don’t have to lay the golf bag down or struggle to lift it up.

Note that this set of golf clubs is made specifically for right handed players. More importantly, these clubs may be light enough for many older players, but they are still “tall” clubs. They are designed for people over six feet or two meters tall.

If you’re under six feet tall, pick something else on our list. There is a women’s version of this golf club set, too, though we’ve only reviewed the men’s version.

02.TaylorMade Brand M4 Fairway Wood



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This left-handed fairway wood is a good club. Note that this review is only for the single club, whereas the other items listed above are whole golf club sets. The price of the club is the reason why we’re discussing a single golf club instead of a whole set.

This five layer carbon crown minimizes the weight of the club, while the design maximizes its forgiveness for beginner players as long as you hit the ball in the center. You can honestly use this fairway wood for a wide array of shots, though obviously it won’t replace a putter. If you want to dump half the golf clubs in your bag to minimize hassle and weight, add this one to your collection.

What’s the downside? We already mentioned that it isn’t forgiving if you hit off center, so only buy this if you can hit the ball square and center, though this club can partially offset an imperfect swing otherwise. This is one of the best golf clubs for seniors if you want a golf club that’s as universal as possible.

03.Callaway Brand Men’s Strata 12-Piece Golf Set

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This golf club set is similar in price to the others on this list, and yet it is a full 12-piece set. You get a driver, 3 woods, a 5H hybrid, several irons and wedges, and a putter. In addition to this, you get two head covers and the golf gab. In short, you get 9 golf clubs, 2 head covers, and the tricked-out golf bag in one package.

There are multiple pockets on the golf bag. It has a rain hood to keep everything dry. It is also the first left-handed set we recommend.
This golf bag is the most portable on our list. There’s a backpack strap system to let you carry it on your back if you can’t carry it one handed. It shares the tripod leg system with the other golf bags on our list that reduce the need to set down and then pick up the golf bag.

The only strike against this set is that they are cheaply made. The woods, for example, are prone to breaking.

04.Callaway Brand Men’s Strata Tour Golf Set


This Callaway golf club set is one of the more expensive choices on this list. That is in part because of the titanium heads on many of the clubs. The fairway woods are more forgiving than average. They’re ideal for people starting to golf as part of their retirement. For example, the putter has a visual alignment to make it easier to hit the ball in the sweet spot.

While it is advertised as an 18 piece set, know that it only includes 2 hybrid clubs, four irons, two wedges, a driver and two fairway woods. The bag counts as another piece and so do the five head covers. They’re designed for right-handed players.

These clubs are somewhat stiff, so consider them something you’d get after you’ve learned the very basics of the game. You won’t do well with these clubs unless you already have a strong, fast swing.
This 18 piece golf club set is of weaker and of poorer quality than you’d expect given the price tag.

For example, the hybrid clubs have failed a number of owners after a short time. The drivers can be left with dents on the head if you don’t hit the ball perfectly, and that hurts performance.

05.Calloway Brand Men’s Strata “Ultimate” Golf Club Set


This 18 piece golf club set by Callaway is cheaper than the set right above. It comes with twelve clubs in all, one golf bag and five head covers. You get a driver, two woods, two hybrids, and six wedges / irons. The driver is made from titanium, and all the clubs are made as light as possible. The putter itself is very forgiving if you hit off-center. They hybrids are designed to be alternatives to long irons. It is designed for right handed players.

The bag itself has a back-strap to make it easy to carry on your back. The golf bag has built-in tripod legs to minimize the need to lower it and pick it back up. There are plenty of pockets for storing miscellaneous items.

The only downside of this set is the weak connection of the heads to the shaft. The irons and wedges have been reported to have the heads break off after a few rounds of golf. Fortunately, the few times this happens, Calloways seems to have excellent customer service and generally replaces the broken clubs in short order without a lot of hassle.


06. Prosimmon Brand X9 V2 Golf Club Set

We’re recommending the regular flex graphite golf club set by Prosimmon. They’re relatively lightweight and not too hard to use. This set of golf clubs is designed for right-handed players, and they’re suitable for older players. For example, the over-sized number 3 fairway wood helps the new player and someone with weaker near vision to hit the ball.

You get a full set of clubs and easy to carry golf bag. There are three and four hybrids that replace the difficult-to-play long irons, perfect for an older person getting into golf as part of their retirement. You get 5 through 9-stainless steel irons. There’s a pitching wedge with a steel shaft. These designs maximize performance while minimizing the strength you need to play. They’re designed for people with a slower swing speed, and that includes true beginners.

The golf bag comes with built-in supports so you don’t have to work to raise and lower the golf bag any more than necessary. They’re affordable, too.

The only significant issue is that the clubs are labeled as +1 for tall people, but they’re really designed for people of average height.

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